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Description of Animal City Rampage apk download for Android

Players will play as scientific experimental animals that have been genetically modified and enhanced, incorporating superhero like abilities and combat skills. Engage in wild collisions and battles in the city, creating movie level physical shocks and explosive scenes, and embark on a thrilling journey of revenge.

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Game highlights

1. The game introduces advanced physics engine technology, presenting stunning collision, explosion, and destructive effects, making players feel like they are in an Action movie.
2. All animal characters are Carefully designed and animated, showcasing meticulous and realistic physical reactions in every collision and battle.
3. Players can drive various vehicles to engage in violent crushing and collisions, with realistic vehicle explosion effects, allowing players to unleash their desire to destroy the city.
4. Players can choose different genetically modified animals, each with unique abilities and skills. Players can form the strongest revenge team according to their preferences.
5.In addition to urban collision battles, players can also challenge other reinforced animals, participate in comPetitive competitions, compete for rankings and reWards, and explore more revenge gameplay.

Game features

1. Provide multiple genetically modified animal characters for players to choose from, each with a unique appearance and skills, allowing players to create their own super Avengers according to their preferences.
2.The city map in the game is open and vast, allowing players to freely roam the city, engage in fierce collisions and battles, and enjoy the fun of free exploration.
3.In addition to the main storyline mode, the game will also provide various game modes such as competitive battles and cooperative modes, allowing players to experience different game pleasures in different scenes and challenges.


1. Players will drive various vehicles freely in the city, collide with Buildings, vehicles, and other animals, create eye-catching destruction scenes, and receive high score rewards.
2. Accurate operation and tactical planning will be the key to achieving higher scores and better results, and players need to flexibly apply various skills and abilities.
3. Each animal character has unique skills and abilities, and players need to skillfully use these skills to defeat opponents in battle, defend their territory, and launch revenge actions.
4.The combination of combat and collision will present a highly combat action scene, allowing players to fully experience the strength and visual effects of the strengthened animals.
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